Chabad Memorial Wall


 A Beautiful Memorial board has been dedicated to the Chabad Center by the Griffel family in memory of a beloved husband, father and grandfather,

Dr. Max Karl Griffel obm

The elegant memorial plaque dedication is a distinguished, reverent way of paying respect and tribute to the memories of our dear departed loved ones.

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Plaques are now available for $360.00. This fee includes an annual notification of upcoming Yahrzeits, and the illumination of memorial lights on the board during the month of the Yahrzeit perpetually and at times when yizkor is recited. 

You may also wish to Include a Kaddish recital options in memory of your loved one with one of the following options. When doing so there is a special rate on the plaque:

First Year Kaddish Observance:  $180.00 with Plaque: $500.00

Recital of Kaddish and Mishnayos in Israel everyday for the first year (11 months)  

 Annual Kaddish Observance: $180.00 with Plaque: $500.00

Recital of Kaddish and Mishnayos in Israel each year on the date of Yahrzeit.

First Year and Annual Kaddish Observance: $360.00 with Plaque: $600.00
Recital of Kaddish and Mishnayos in Israel everyday for the first year, and perpetual recital of Kaddish and Mishnayos each year on the date of Yahrzeit.

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Please submit one form for each memorial plaque!


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MM/DD/YY of Passing (secular date)  *

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 Relationship of the Deceased 

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To ensure accuracy of the spelling of Hebrew Names if possible pleae email us a picture of the tombstone to

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