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  • Dear Friends,

    Throughout my childhood and teenage years, while my friends were playing sports and enjoying other activities, I could usually be found with a pencil sketching a portrait of the Rebbe.

    In 1990, I was fourteen and went to the Rebbe for the holiday of Sukkot. My mother had asked me to give one of my drawings to the Rebbe, so I made a pencil sketch of the Rebbe and bought a frame for it.

    On the Sunday after sukkot, Tishrei 25 5751, I stood in line for dollars, holding the drawing in a paper bag. 

    As I entered the front door of 770 and saw the Rebbe, I quietly turned to my brother telling him that I was not going to give it to the Rebbe. I was too nervous. 

    After I received a dollar and the Rebbe wished me "Bracha V’hatzlacha" (Blessing and success) I felt my left hand with the paper bag suddenly lift up and I quickly said: "Dos is far der Rebbe, zol gezunt zein". (This is for the Rebbe, may he be well)

    The Rebbe took the paper bag, nodded his head and said "A groisen Dank." (A big thank you) I was then moved along the line.

    In October of 2020, exactly thirty years later, wanting to relive this special moment, I purchased the video clip from JEM and after watching the thirty second video clip numerous times, I noticed that as the Rebbe was turning his head to put the bag away, the Rebbe was saying something.

    I tried to hear what the Rebbe was saying. Several hours later, I finally heard it. The Rebbe had given me an additional blessing of "Besuros Tovos" for good news.

    Upon hearing this blessing for the very first time, my emotions ran high! I had a strong feeling that I was about to hear good news. 

    Six months later, I realized how significant this blessing for Besuros Tovos was. 

    In April of 2021, when I was discharged from the hospital following covid complications, I was told it would be a while before I would be able to resume my regular activities.

    It was then that I thought, "How am I going to combine my new mission of rest and recovery with my deep desire for productivity? How am I going to turn a challenge into an opportunity?"

    Suddenly, I recalled a suggestion a student of mine had made some months earlier. Knowing my love for drawing, he suggested that I purchase an Ipad and an apple pencil.

    A few days later, I found myself laying on the couch exploring digital art and color, something I had always dreamed of doing. 

    During my two month recovery, this new gift from Hashem, distracted me from the severe pain and discomfort. It also helped me fulfill a lifelong dream - to do colored portraits! Most importantly, it gave me a new avenue with which to enhance my shlichus and inspire others, making a small difference in the world.

    I truly feel that the warm feedback I have been receiving in response to my new portraits is a direct result of the Rebbe's blessing as he was holding my sketch in his holy hand. 

    It is my hope that my story and art will serve as an inspiration to transform any challenge into a moment of inspiration and hope.

    With deep gratitude to you for ensuring an even more impactful future for our community.

    With kind regards

    Rabbi Mendy Lewis

  • All proceeds from the art below will go directly to fund the activities of Chabad of Old Tappan and a portion of it can be considered a tax-deductible donation.

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