Imagine a place where your children thoroughly enjoy exploring their Jewish heritage and culture, and eagerly look forward to the next session. 

They arrive with a smile and leave humming a Jewish song. Back at home they excitedly share with you all the fun Jewish “stuff” they’ve learned. And you… you’re as proud as a parent could be! 

Welcome to CKids Jewish Heritage Club of Old Tappan.

At Ckids Jewish Heritage Club, your child will be motivated to become a confident Hebrew reader, gain knowledge and a love for Israel, holidays, explore Jewish history and culture and be ready for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. But most importantly, your child and each of the children in Ckids Club - regardless of background, level of observance or financial means - will have an experience that will leave them with fond memories of their Jewish education.

It's our commitment to the community.

Our Sunday-only program makes for an experience that kids look forward to, and is easier for parents. Our affordable tuition and no synagogue membership required are another two examples of the many added benefits of our program.

We invite you to discover why the Ckids Jewish Heritage Club is the best choice for your family and we look forward to having the opportunity of being a partner in the education of your children with the very best that Judaism has to offer.

Your questions, comments and creative ideas are most welcome.

General Information

Our Program is catered for boys and girls ages 5 -13

Dates: Sunday 10 am - 12:30 pm (Sept. - June)

Rates for full 28-Week Program: Kindergarten - 1st Grade: $750.00 |  2nd Grade – 4th Grade: $900 |  5th Grade - 7th Grade: $1,050

Rates for 8-Week Holiday FunZone: $200 or $20 for each session.

Rates include admission fee for both the annual Ckids Friday Night Family Dinner and the Community Purim Dinner. 

Location: Chabad of Old Tappan.


Educational Director:  Mrs. Devora Lewis

Devora comes with almost two decades of experience in education and together with her husband, Rabbi Mendy Lewis and her devoted and dedicated teachers, she provides every child an education and memories that will continue to inspire them for a lifetime.